Sunday, December 9, 2007

Short Pencil Saga

From Nick Baker, the director of "Grand March of the Librarians"

Comes the "Short Pencil Saga" - the story of where those short pencils in the library come from, using archival footage from the Prelinger Archives including Redwood Saga and Working Together."

Short Pencil Saga

From Nick Baker, the director of "The March of the Librarians" ...
"Short Pencil Saga tells the story of where those short pencils in the library come from, using archival footage from the Prelinger Archives including Redwood Saga and Working Together."

Vanishing books

This library volunteer seems to be having trouble getting his books put away. Can you spot why?

Kelvin Grove library tour

"Short QUT Kelvin Grove library tour for Creative Industries staff and students. CI faculty includes Creative Writing and Cultural Studies, Visual Arts, Drama, Film and TV, Music, Journalism, Communication Design, Fashion, Dance and Media and Communication."

This video is lot's of fun, but for some reason embedding is disabled? View here.

Get it Loud in Libraries

Live from Lancaster .... love the way they tied in the question, "What was the last thing they took out". Also love the characters... fun video

Monday, December 3, 2007

Vote for the best video and comic

The voting for the best comic and YouTube video has begun here in New Jersey. Spread the word, anyone can vote. All you have to do is go to and click on the YouTube Video icon, read the comics, view the videos and cast your vote. Not only do you get to vote, you’ll also see the results immediately. Voting ends December 31. So keep going back to the site to see who’s in the lead! Help us get the word out, post this on your blogs, facebook and MySpace pages; tell your customers, families and friends. The kids worked hard on their projects, it would be great if lots of people got to see their work. Please contact Nancy Dowd at or 609-278-2640 x 122.

Click here

Sunday, November 18, 2007

DREAM.... Live-in for Literacy 2007

Summary of press coverage from 2006 event and teaser of Live-in for Literacy 2007 event (formerly known as Mission: Ultimate Stauffer Lockdown) at Queen's University. All proceeds went to Room to Read.

Leaving a paper trail

I love that this person credits the local librarian!

"Stop motion animation. When I was in primary school a libraian from the local library showed us this trick which I have featured in this animation.

Jimmy decides to make a boat...

The White Stripes
We're going to be friends"

Ballooning around

It's amazing what people come up with to share. This time it's a chuckle. What are you sharing?

Jonathan Fanton Addresses Second Life residents

I'm not particularly crazy about the presentation per se, but this is a great example of what we can do in Second Life. Imagine your library here. What do you have to share with your community?

Jonathan Fanton, President of the MacArthur Foundation, held an open forum with Philip Linden of Linden Labs, in the virtual world of Second Life on the future role of philanthropy in virtual worlds. This is a brief taste of what the event was like

Tour of Info Island / Second Life Libraries

Cindy took this video of my avatar Rik Riel skating around Info Island, where the Second Life Libraries are found. Music by Torley Linden, skates by Skoopf. Full version downloadable from

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Librarian's Blues

Keith Johnson, librarian, has written this blues song about . . . overdue library books. And he's mad to the bone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What do you stand for?

New video contest!!! Just found this... great opportunity but deadline is Oct. 17.

What do you live for? What do you fight for? What do you stand for?
Submit a video and share
your cause with the world! The winner gets to help choose what charity should receive $25,000 and will have his/her video featured on the YouTube homepage.
See official rules for details.

Future for librarians?

Anime Con 07

Its simple, fun, has music from a fellow teen and lots of pictures from the anime con at the library in Louisville. Cool.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome to Millard Sheets Library ...

From Sue Maberry, Director, comes this humorous introductory tour of the Millard Sheets Library at Otis College of Art and Design.

A whirlwind humorous introductory tour of the Millard Sheets Library at Otis College of Art and Design

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Library Ninja

This is a series of videos created by Zach Daulton. See more of his work under sugartreeproductions. The purpose of the video is to show students that while computers are an important resource, books are still sometimes the best choice.

Library Limbo

Study-time cycles in Uris Library with 1920's style animation. A student project made at Cornell University in Lynn Tomlinson's Film 325 summer course

Ubuntu @ the Library

How did I miss this one?

Six million plus hits and filmed to represent a library!

Cascada- Everytime We touch

Friday, July 13, 2007

Julie Andrew at ALA

Mythic summer- Boulder Co Teens

...the times we studied in the library...

...just look back
on our memories
the times we drank and laughed at me
the times we danced till our butt felt funny
the times we studied in the library
all the times that really made us laugh
come on now so don't forget

Pretty cool that the library made this song.

Roving Library: Serving the Tenderloin

"We get free food, we get everything, but we don't get free books... We eat well but we need to feed our souls."

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now here's a story!

Now if we could just get everyone in our communities to tell their library story this well!!! -

Go here to vote for the winner of Gales' $10,000 Why I love my library contest.

See all the submissions! Very cool!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Opening the box called "library as you know it"

Do you need a jump start out of the traditional box of what libraries can be? This video will blow your imagination wide open! The Transformation Lab has produced new visions for the physical library of the future. In June the project will be presented at the 17th Halmstad conference in Aarhus. Program & registration:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Love my librry- second life!

Why I love McCollough/Unis Media Center. Very cool.

Why I like my library

From Ball State University Libraries Muncie, IN

I love my library

A visual interpretation describing how a library can take anyone out of their fast pace reality and into their own comfortable world.

Puvlic Libraries 2010- what happened?

Saw this on the Shifted Librarian.....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Summer Reading- 4 fun commercials

The Indianola Public Library is hosting a Teen Summer Reading program to reward those teens who take the time out of their busy summers to enjoy good books and their local library. See your library to find the services they provide to you!

Kitty takes a summer job only to realize he'd rather be at the Denver Public Library reading, competing in a DDR tournament, hanging out with librarians and so much more. Good kitty. Music by the Hot IQs!

A short PSA for ACPL's Summer Reading Program. Allen County Teens worked together to make this fun video

Charlotte area teens created this commercial to promote their Summer Reading Program. Check it out and sign up already!!! Also, visit PLCMC's teen website at or the Teen Loft @ ImaginOn's myspace account at

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cal State

Here's some new videos from Cal State. Notice how they have kept them short...

They have a whole series....

Stay in school, use your public library and read

Here's Kay Yow's PSA for the NC Dept. of Cultural Resources and the NC Libraries. Andrea Stinson is seen at the end

Google, Ken Burns, and Fractal Cognitive Engagement

Found this on a post from Central Jersey Academic Reference Librarians Blog Take a look at this video about how the brain works while searching Google. Perhaps at our next meeting we can discuss implications of this for OPACs and other reference-related library services.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Info Tubey Awards- the Video

David King has produced a small but fabulous video from the Info Tubey awards- enjoy!

and here's a little something from McLIB TV...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

So how does NPR research?

Tom Ashbrook was the dinner speaker at the Mass. Library Conference in Sturbridge Mass. Steve Abram asked him how he does his research and what he thinks about blogs....

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Librarian - the music video from New Zealand

Via LISNews ... Librarian - a music video (4:10) by New Zealand band HauntedLove, which performs ghostly pop tunes about werewolves, haunted museums, vengeful librarians, love inside computers, and ponies that just won't go. Filmed on location at the Dunedin Public Library. Our first video. Camera work by Claudia Babirat, direction and editing/effects by Don Ferns. Starring Haunted Love (Rainy McMaster and Geva Downey) and Henri Davidson. Destined to be a classic!!!!

RSS... the video

A fun and easy to understand video for anyone who is still confused about RSS

There are two types of Internet users, those that use RSS and those that don't. This video is for the people who could save time using RSS, but don't know where to start.

Colbert Report - NLW

I hadn't seen this before... thanks to V.U.Lawcity - The Valpo Law Blawg for posting... smile!

Penn and Teller with Houdini at the Library of Congress

Penn and Teller go to the Library of Congress and explores the vaults and sparks excitemetn about Houdini and libraries.... Something to try for those speial collections at your library.....

Inuyasha Video

"just something i did at the library. nothing special." - tykira

Sending off to the second hand book store

Scene from Ken Loach's 1969 classic British film, Kes. Here, Casper tries to borrow a book from the library. Sometimes it can be so frustrating when our rules get in the way of what we are trying to do.

If I ain't got you....

Sometimes all you need is a library, a guitar an an incredible singer....

Talented singaporean teen from TPJC covers "If I Ain't Got You" during Library night 2007

Sweet commercial

This is a sweet commercial. Read all about the stars with books checked out from the Birmingham Public Library...

Sweet commercial

This is a sweet commercial. Read all about the stars with books checked out from the Birmingham Public Library...


Via Tame the Web comes.... a neat video from Peabody Library which discusses the differences between scholarly and popular periodicals as they pertain to research. Nice way to educate...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

You rate the videos

Now that I'm back from CIL 2007 I've decided to open up the forum of best of library videos to encourage interaction between everyone. In my original posts I was rating the videos with a five book rating. Now you can vote for your favorite video each week and get to see other people's favorites. Oh I've also added a place where you can submit your nominations. If you have other suggestions, let me know. The idea is to keep it fun. So we'll play and see how it works out.. the poll will look like this:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

and the winners are....

InfoTubey Awards...

Last night I was honored to be among the five winners of the first annual InfoTubey Awards. (See movies below). I have to say this group did a fantastic job of making a fun evening. It began with a reception upstairs with refreshments and a wonderful piano player (our favorite IT guy himself- Bill Spence) - right down to the InfoTubey branded popcorn bags -filled with fresh popcorn!

Videos are the place to go- they inform, educate and entertain - all in thirty seconds or less and we can make them from our laptops... does it get better than that? And I think more libraries will be entering this contest next year because Kathy Demsey overheard several inspired people discussing ideas already!

Trivia... did you know that the creator of "The March of the Librarians" (which BTW has already passed the 100,000 mark!!!) was filmed on Cannon Powershot camera? Yes a still camera!!! Nick Baker won for his "L Team" video but was also the creator of what is destined to become the librarian classic film of all times, now just know as the L March.

It was a great evening. Congrats to all the winners!

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
"What's Up at the Library: LibVlog" Series - Jan 29th Vlog
Introduced by: Rebecca Jones
Accepting: Ingrid Lebolt

McCracken County Public Library
Series of youtube productions - "Dr. Duck" and “Super Librarian” will be shown
Introduced by: Darlene Fichter
Accepting: Iris Garrott (Youth Services Manager) and Libby Childers (Adult Services

New Jersey State Library
"What Are Your 3 Reasons"
Introduced by: Kathy Dempsey
Accepting: Nancy Dowd

Note- why not embed this in your website and so your "people formerly known as patrons" can add their comments. We'll be in DC for ALA and would love to let our legislators know what our PFNP have to say about us!

and here's Katheeeeeeee.... (and me :-)- it might be a few minutes before YouTube lets you see...

Seneca College Markham Library
"Library Holiday Song", #46. - Darlene
Introduced by: Marshall Breeding
Accepting: Michael London – via YouTube

Note: Michael couldn't come in person and accepted his award via YouTube and the crowd went wild!!!

William College Libraries
"The L-Team"
Introduced by: Aaron Schmidt
Accepting: Nick Baker

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Police Library Girls

Oh those Canadians (ooops Aussies, my bad! Thanks David) and their humor...... these girls mean business! From David Rothman.

Shirlington Library Special

Coming to you from Michael Stevens from David Rothman .... a great video from Arlington, Va.
A 5 minute package taking a look at the new high tech, artistic, java friendly Library in Shirlington Village, Arlington County, VA.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Magnum, A.L.

In case you missed this one ... Just in time for their 100th anniversary, meet the forever-young editors of ALA's American Libraries magazine in this gritty, action-packed thrill-ride. The excitement continues at

How do we inspire?

Not library video but inspires some thoughts for videos we could be making about how libraries inspire....

Wrestlemania Reading Challenge

Woo hoo.... This is Ray Mysterio at the Detroit Public Library for their reading challenge. Talk about energy at a library!

New Vestavia Hills Library Campaign Video

It's a bit longer than I would use for a YouTube but what a fantastic video to take to conferences, meetings, etc... They could easily edit this into 30 second clips and post to websites including environmental, community, schools, corporate partners, etc... exciting stuff here!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Introducing the book-A.k.a. Medieval Helpdesk

Have you ever gone to a card store and found yourself laughing out loud after reading several dozen cards? Well I'm never sure if the card makes me laugh or just the silly mood I get in after reading so many one after another. This video made me laugh out loud- was it the laugh track, watching so many in a row or is it really just that funny? In any case, hope you enjoy!

This video makes fun of moderns newbie computer users by illustrating - in a way fully understandable to them - how silly some of their questions are by creating a similar problem in the Middle Ages.

It's from a show called Øystein & Meg (Øystein & I) produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting television channel (NRK) in 2001. The spoken language is Norwegian. It's written by Knut Nærum and performed by Øystein Bache and Rune Gokstad.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bay County Library... singing their way onto YouTube

I heard from Jeannie Weller Cooper, Bay County Public Library, Panama City FL about the videos her library is putting together. What's so neat about this particular correspondence is that she contacted me through my MySpace account... I love the connectivity of web! They have quite a few posted but this one really caught my heart- great team effort and I love the live performance of the staff!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Come See What's WOW! NOW! @ Your Library

This is delightful! Need a break from life's cacophony?

The McCracken County Public Library's Quiet Reading Room is the perfect peaceful retreat.

Canadian humor promotes what librarians do best

Nancy Goebel,Head Librarian/Human Rights Advisor pointed me to the 10-minute and 30-minute versions of an InfoLit DVD she made last year. "While we do not have these 2 version of the video up on the web yet we do have a trailer for them."

The trailer is fun - take a look.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Three Reasons- a different video

So by now everyone knows we are running a "Three Reasons" campaign .... Pete Bromberg from the Library Garden blog turned me onto this video response and it is absoultely wonderful! You'll laugh... you'll cry ... well maybe not cry, but you will love it!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Conan the Librarian

Get ready to smile....

So corny you gotta love it!

Night of the living dead librarian

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (2006) have predict that in year 2021 jobs like librarians don't will be there any more. This small movie is a satire about how two librarians in year 2021 got their revenge over the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies with help from a Super Blogger Girl.

A manifesto by Laura Cohen

A manifesto by Laura Cohen, 2006.
"I will not wait for something to be perfect...."

Friday, February 23, 2007

The L-Team

This video was discovered from a post by The Shifted Librarian [via a post on AASL Weblog].

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Information Destination

Dan Cornwall, the Alaskan Librarian pointed me to this video which was created by Sarah Gewirtz, Reference/Government Documents Librarian at the Alcuin Library of St. John's University/College of St. Benedict in Collegeville, MN. She put it together when a new campus television station were looking for “commercials” to put between programs. I like the Information Destination theme...

Monday, February 12, 2007

What are your three reasons?

A while back I asked folks for 10 reasons why they love their libraries and got some really terrific answers. Here’ s a quick sample:

“They know the kind of books I like, I find things I didn’t even know I needed or wanted, I couldn’t fit everything I like to read and listen to in my personal library, I can try out something before I buy it, friendly staff, they have computers, comfy chairs, fun place to hang out, I can order my books from home and they are waiting for me when I arrive…”

Now comes the challenge for all of us who love libraries. Create a stir… a movement... an advocacy campaign as easy as 1,2,3.

I’ve put together this video with some clips from people who love libraries to get us started. Take a look, but most importantly leave a comment with YOUR three reasons. Then tag five people who you know also love libraries and ask them to visit the video and leave their three reasons.

The goal is to make a “library video” not only the most viewed, but to set the record for the most comments ever posted to one video on YouTube. Why? Because we have all heard the argument that with Internet there is no need for libraries, so where better to dispel that myth than online on the ever-popular YouTube?

Can’t wait to hear from everyone! –Nancy

What are your three reasons?

Ray of Light

How could I have not posted this one sooner- shame on me! Love the music and the "whole day" concept. From what I understand this was done long before any of us were even thinking of videos! Five books to Ray of Light!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

If you've ever tried to explain web 2.0...

Have you been trying to explain what web 2.o is? Check out this video. What do you think, does it rate five books?

Found this video via Peter Bromberg of the Library Garden who got it from Boing Boing who got it from Wonderland who got it from... You Tube where creator is Michael Wesch, an assistant Cultural Anthropology Prof at Kansas State U posted it. You gotta love 2.0!

I also enjoyed his other video on Digital Ethnography.

Monday, February 5, 2007

IT and Librarians

take two...

Mentioned by Stephen Abrams who heard from Michael Stevens who heard from...

Nascar at the library?

West Deptford Public Library, here in NJ, has been creating videos for quite awhile and has produced lots of fun and interesting spots that have been successful in bringing people to their programs. This is just one of many... sure does make you want to come to the program doesn't it? Easily rates four books!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Orange you going to the library?

Orange County did a great job with this video. It easily gets a "four books" rating with that neat introduction, catchy tune and is that a life sized tomato???! See for yourself.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Super Librarian

Here in NJ we ran a Super Librarian campaign. Thought you'd like to see the commercial we made. This year we are getting ready to launch the Super Librarian comic book. I'll keep you posted.

Mission Possible

I can't get over the explosion of videos from libraries on You Tube. Here's a fun approach!

Friday, January 26, 2007

InfoTubey Awards- Deadline Feb 14

From Computers in Libraries:

The First InfoTubey Awards: YouTube Productions@CIL 2007

These awards will be presented to those organizations or individuals for outstanding YouTube productions. Premiering at the 2007 Computers in Libraries conference, these awards recognize those creating YouTube library-related productions. Awards will be presented to the top five productions that demonstrate creativity, humor, and sincerity (of course!) in marketing a library or library services or enhancing the library's value. The winning productions will be shown at CIL 2007 on Tuesday evening, 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

CLICK HERE to submit a nomination. All submissions will be judged by a panel of distinguished information professionals.

Please complete this form to submit a nomination for Information Today, Inc.'s 2007 InfoTubey Awards.

InfoTubies recognize those libraries or individuals who have created YouTube library-related productions that promote a library, or library services, or enhance the library's value.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Forget a night at the museum.... see what happens at the library

I found this video Kim Huston made for a UWM project and it is truly delightful! As a lover of books I've always considered them to have a life of their own. This video adds a whole new dimension to what kind of life that is! I rate it five books.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A super video

Just found Library Mans group in YouTube ... check it out lot's of videos - all library related! - Libraries and Librarians

Here in NJ we've been conducting a campaign with Super Librarian so is there any wonder that this I would pick this special video? Lots of fun and certainly four books!

Harry and Potters

There are several videos online from Harry and the Potter concerts but I think "KaytheGreat" really nails it- what excitement! Sounds like Denver is the next Filmore West! I rate this four books for pure energy!

Friday, January 12, 2007

How the Seattle Public Library was designed (TEDTalks, Joshua Prince-Ramus)

If you are heading out to Mid-Winter this video will especially delight you! I rate it five books because the architect, Joshua Prince-Ramus will inspire you. Seattle is one very fortunate library.... enjoy!

Joshua Prince-Ramus is architect of the Seattle Public Library and principal of REX (Ramus-Ella Architects). Previously, he was U.S. Director of Rem Koolhaas's Office of Metropolitan Architecture. Through a series of beautiful visualizations, he deconstructs the collaborative process of building the Seattle Public Library, and also offers a sneak preview of his works in progress (The Wyly Theater in Dallas, Texas and Museum Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky). (Recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 20:43) - More TEDTalks at

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Your ten reasons needed

I'm putting together a new video and I need YOUR
1. Ten reasons why libraries are better than buying and you can't use "free"
2. Ten reason why you love your library.

You can post as comments or email me at Pass the word, I need lots of answers!!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Silent Movie

Allen Reichert, Otterbein College, made this creative video. People starting off with video may find the format a fun and easy way to start. You could use alternative styles such a MTV pop-ups if you wanted to create a different feel.

A word of caution: try not to use library jargon. If you need ideas for alternative phrases go to John Kupersmith's Website, It is designed "to help library web developers decide how to label key resources and services in such a way that most users can understand them well enough to make productive choices." But what he has to say works anytime libraries are communicating to their customers.

It looks like everyone had a good time making this- loved the acting! Keep up the good work Allen. I rate this video three books for creativity and fun... and a bonus page for that fabulous moustache!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Five books for Gail Borden Library

They call the section "Video Extras" but what I love about it is the way they include the entire staff. Listen to John the Security Guard in the video below. These type of videos are easy to produce and connects the community to local libraries in a very special way- very personal. P.S. they also have a drive up window - way cool! Their site is here.