Sunday, December 21, 2008

Great videos from NYPL!

I absolutely love this series!!! Goes hand in hand with what we are trying to do here in NJ- would love to see one of our libraries create a similar series for our solving Life's Problems campaign.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Internet 2020

My friend Helene Blowers has a great post about the future of the Internet:

"Lee Ranie, Director of the Pew & Internet Life Project, sent me an email (like I assume many people were copied on) yesterday providing a heads up about the Pew latest report on the Future of Internet III. I've only taken a my first cursory glance over the summary and predictions, but what I really thought-provoking are some of the comments shared by leading experts and futurists...

  • "Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy. The Net will wear away institutions that have forgotten how to sound human."
  • "The world will get a nervous system, and that is a big deal."
  • "New methods of securing the true from the false will emerge. The source will become more important than the message."
  • "The internet is like graffiti, only it can be targeted to the right niche.
  • "Transportation will be refined through massive substitution of communication. The current flight to cities will be reversed."
  • "The greatest changes will occur in the arena of trust and human relations."

Read Helene's complete post here:

Are you helping people get jobs?

What are you doing in this economic crisis? Just found this fantastic post at Web Strategy by Jeremiah that has some great links for job searching. Heros emerge in the worst of times and libraries are positioned to make a difference helping people who are newly unemployed. Would love to hear some ideas libraries are doing to help. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008