Monday, February 12, 2007

What are your three reasons?

A while back I asked folks for 10 reasons why they love their libraries and got some really terrific answers. Here’ s a quick sample:

“They know the kind of books I like, I find things I didn’t even know I needed or wanted, I couldn’t fit everything I like to read and listen to in my personal library, I can try out something before I buy it, friendly staff, they have computers, comfy chairs, fun place to hang out, I can order my books from home and they are waiting for me when I arrive…”

Now comes the challenge for all of us who love libraries. Create a stir… a movement... an advocacy campaign as easy as 1,2,3.

I’ve put together this video with some clips from people who love libraries to get us started. Take a look, but most importantly leave a comment with YOUR three reasons. Then tag five people who you know also love libraries and ask them to visit the video and leave their three reasons.

The goal is to make a “library video” not only the most viewed, but to set the record for the most comments ever posted to one video on YouTube. Why? Because we have all heard the argument that with Internet there is no need for libraries, so where better to dispel that myth than online on the ever-popular YouTube?

Can’t wait to hear from everyone! –Nancy

What are your three reasons?