Friday, December 29, 2006

A little Monty Python...

Sebastein Marion posted his top ten library videos and they are very good. I'm linking to Monty Python's and the Russian base jumpers but look at the entire list here.

I rate his list 5 books! Great collection.

Denver Public Library - YouTube contest

This looks to be a video submitted on YourTube as part of Denver's YouTube Contest and reflects the new "i-reportng" film genre. I rate it four books because its fresh and original. This contest is a fantastic idea- we are looking to do something similar here in Jersey. If your library is doing anything with videos be sure to let let me know!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Library- The Musical

Nobody ever sings in the library? Wrong! This video from Prangstgrup turns a libray into a real live musical venue- great reactions from the unsuspecting "audience". I rate this video four books.

The heavy metal library song

Teen week video from anAACRonisms...this group is really clever, great lyrics, fun and the teens will love it. I rate it four books!

Rock n' Roll Library

One of the first videos I remember viewing- U of Pitt were early pioneers into the realm of video marketing. I rate this three books- great effort and vision.

The magic of a high school library?

PLHS award winning video... fun but who know what PLHS stands for? I rate this two books - lots of fun!