Sunday, April 29, 2007

Librarian - the music video from New Zealand

Via LISNews ... Librarian - a music video (4:10) by New Zealand band HauntedLove, which performs ghostly pop tunes about werewolves, haunted museums, vengeful librarians, love inside computers, and ponies that just won't go. Filmed on location at the Dunedin Public Library. Our first video. Camera work by Claudia Babirat, direction and editing/effects by Don Ferns. Starring Haunted Love (Rainy McMaster and Geva Downey) and Henri Davidson. Destined to be a classic!!!!

RSS... the video

A fun and easy to understand video for anyone who is still confused about RSS

There are two types of Internet users, those that use RSS and those that don't. This video is for the people who could save time using RSS, but don't know where to start.

Colbert Report - NLW

I hadn't seen this before... thanks to V.U.Lawcity - The Valpo Law Blawg for posting... smile!

Penn and Teller with Houdini at the Library of Congress

Penn and Teller go to the Library of Congress and explores the vaults and sparks excitemetn about Houdini and libraries.... Something to try for those speial collections at your library.....

Inuyasha Video

"just something i did at the library. nothing special." - tykira

Sending off to the second hand book store

Scene from Ken Loach's 1969 classic British film, Kes. Here, Casper tries to borrow a book from the library. Sometimes it can be so frustrating when our rules get in the way of what we are trying to do.

If I ain't got you....

Sometimes all you need is a library, a guitar an an incredible singer....

Talented singaporean teen from TPJC covers "If I Ain't Got You" during Library night 2007

Sweet commercial

This is a sweet commercial. Read all about the stars with books checked out from the Birmingham Public Library...

Sweet commercial

This is a sweet commercial. Read all about the stars with books checked out from the Birmingham Public Library...


Via Tame the Web comes.... a neat video from Peabody Library which discusses the differences between scholarly and popular periodicals as they pertain to research. Nice way to educate...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

You rate the videos

Now that I'm back from CIL 2007 I've decided to open up the forum of best of library videos to encourage interaction between everyone. In my original posts I was rating the videos with a five book rating. Now you can vote for your favorite video each week and get to see other people's favorites. Oh I've also added a place where you can submit your nominations. If you have other suggestions, let me know. The idea is to keep it fun. So we'll play and see how it works out.. the poll will look like this:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

and the winners are....

InfoTubey Awards...

Last night I was honored to be among the five winners of the first annual InfoTubey Awards. (See movies below). I have to say this group did a fantastic job of making a fun evening. It began with a reception upstairs with refreshments and a wonderful piano player (our favorite IT guy himself- Bill Spence) - right down to the InfoTubey branded popcorn bags -filled with fresh popcorn!

Videos are the place to go- they inform, educate and entertain - all in thirty seconds or less and we can make them from our laptops... does it get better than that? And I think more libraries will be entering this contest next year because Kathy Demsey overheard several inspired people discussing ideas already!

Trivia... did you know that the creator of "The March of the Librarians" (which BTW has already passed the 100,000 mark!!!) was filmed on Cannon Powershot camera? Yes a still camera!!! Nick Baker won for his "L Team" video but was also the creator of what is destined to become the librarian classic film of all times, now just know as the L March.

It was a great evening. Congrats to all the winners!

Arlington Heights Memorial Library
"What's Up at the Library: LibVlog" Series - Jan 29th Vlog
Introduced by: Rebecca Jones
Accepting: Ingrid Lebolt

McCracken County Public Library
Series of youtube productions - "Dr. Duck" and “Super Librarian” will be shown
Introduced by: Darlene Fichter
Accepting: Iris Garrott (Youth Services Manager) and Libby Childers (Adult Services

New Jersey State Library
"What Are Your 3 Reasons"
Introduced by: Kathy Dempsey
Accepting: Nancy Dowd

Note- why not embed this in your website and so your "people formerly known as patrons" can add their comments. We'll be in DC for ALA and would love to let our legislators know what our PFNP have to say about us!

and here's Katheeeeeeee.... (and me :-)- it might be a few minutes before YouTube lets you see...

Seneca College Markham Library
"Library Holiday Song", #46. - Darlene
Introduced by: Marshall Breeding
Accepting: Michael London – via YouTube

Note: Michael couldn't come in person and accepted his award via YouTube and the crowd went wild!!!

William College Libraries
"The L-Team"
Introduced by: Aaron Schmidt
Accepting: Nick Baker

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Police Library Girls

Oh those Canadians (ooops Aussies, my bad! Thanks David) and their humor...... these girls mean business! From David Rothman.

Shirlington Library Special

Coming to you from Michael Stevens from David Rothman .... a great video from Arlington, Va.
A 5 minute package taking a look at the new high tech, artistic, java friendly Library in Shirlington Village, Arlington County, VA.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Magnum, A.L.

In case you missed this one ... Just in time for their 100th anniversary, meet the forever-young editors of ALA's American Libraries magazine in this gritty, action-packed thrill-ride. The excitement continues at

How do we inspire?

Not library video but inspires some thoughts for videos we could be making about how libraries inspire....

Wrestlemania Reading Challenge

Woo hoo.... This is Ray Mysterio at the Detroit Public Library for their reading challenge. Talk about energy at a library!

New Vestavia Hills Library Campaign Video

It's a bit longer than I would use for a YouTube but what a fantastic video to take to conferences, meetings, etc... They could easily edit this into 30 second clips and post to websites including environmental, community, schools, corporate partners, etc... exciting stuff here!