Sunday, November 18, 2007

DREAM.... Live-in for Literacy 2007

Summary of press coverage from 2006 event and teaser of Live-in for Literacy 2007 event (formerly known as Mission: Ultimate Stauffer Lockdown) at Queen's University. All proceeds went to Room to Read.

Leaving a paper trail

I love that this person credits the local librarian!

"Stop motion animation. When I was in primary school a libraian from the local library showed us this trick which I have featured in this animation.

Jimmy decides to make a boat...

The White Stripes
We're going to be friends"

Ballooning around

It's amazing what people come up with to share. This time it's a chuckle. What are you sharing?

Jonathan Fanton Addresses Second Life residents

I'm not particularly crazy about the presentation per se, but this is a great example of what we can do in Second Life. Imagine your library here. What do you have to share with your community?

Jonathan Fanton, President of the MacArthur Foundation, held an open forum with Philip Linden of Linden Labs, in the virtual world of Second Life on the future role of philanthropy in virtual worlds. This is a brief taste of what the event was like

Tour of Info Island / Second Life Libraries

Cindy took this video of my avatar Rik Riel skating around Info Island, where the Second Life Libraries are found. Music by Torley Linden, skates by Skoopf. Full version downloadable from